Air Rinse

Air Rinse: Waterless Rinsing Technology


  • Improve Quality
  • Conserve Water
  • Eliminate residual Water Issues
  • Reduce Risk of Micro-Biological Contamination
  • Reduce Sanitation Requirements
  • Reduce Maintenance Requirements
  • Safety

Ionized Air Rinsing Technology

Waterless Container Rinsing

A&E Conveyor Systems has pioneered the waterless rinsing technology. We were the first company to introduce a commercially acceptable system for replacing conventional water rinsing systems. Historically the industry has used a simple water rinse ever since the introduction of non-returnable containers.

The waterless rinsing systems were originally developed for high speed beverage cans. A&E now offers systems for cleaning all types of non-returnable containers. Since our first systems were installed in 1993 we have install over 200 systems worldwide.

The Pur-Rinse system is based on our patented Air-Vac technology. The Air-Vac principle uses high pressure ionized air as the cleaning agent, combined with a continuous vacuuming process at the opening of the container to help remove and collect debris from containers.

Pur Rinse System InstalledSidegrip lowerator air rinser

The A&E system uses an advanced ionization process that has built in diagnostic features along with an internal alarm function to provide assurances that the ionization system is operating correctly. The Air-Vac and the Advanced Ionization Controls are the two key elements that differentiate any other air rinse system from an A&E Pur-Rinse system.

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