Custom & Specialty Conveyors

Custom Built & Designed Conveyor Systems

A&E Conveyor will design and build custom conveyors to meet the special requirements of your projects. We have handled all sorts of difficult material handling applications from lightweight paper products to 5000lb pallet loads. Our vast experience in the material handling industries allows us to provide simple timely solutions for all your conveying requirements.

special - divert gateAutomatic pneumatic diverter gate for dividing cases on bag in box line.

Heavy duty wash conveyorHeavy duty wash conveyor for bar screen discharge in waste water treatment facility.

special - spiral can slideSpiral can slide.

special - metal detIntegrate metal detector with conveyor that has a retractable nose bar for rejects.

special - portable press discharge conveyorPortable press discharge conveyor for combining product to common pack station.

special - adj floor supportQuick adjustable floor support – special feature.

special lift and rotateLift and Rotate tote handling system for automotive parts manufacturing.

special - pivot liftConveyor system with lift and pivot conveyors for integration of carton strapper.

Twin-strand chain conveyor for handling industrial transformers.

freezerMulti-Flex Chain conveyor for ice cream freezer application (-40F temperature environment).

bakeryStainless Steel mesh chain conveyors for oil spray oven infeed for bakery applications.

scrapHeavy Duty cleated belt incline conveyor with friction pads for conveying scrap roll stock and regrind from injection molding operation.

canwelderDischarge conveyor for can welder operation – dual strand – magnetic conveyor that pivots for easy access into the machine.

Gap_TransferGap Transfer Conveyors can be used to solve many conveying problems of small or unstable containers.

  • Heavy Duty Sanitary Design
  • Stainless Steel Welded Tube Frame
  • Double/Triple Side Belts – Urethane V Belts
  • Roller Belt Guides for Low Friction
  • Side Belt Adjustment From 1/2 to 6″ Diameter
  • Elevation Adjustment From 28″ – 48″
  • Variable Speed Drive – 120 VAC

Typical applications include: unstable container transfer, container coding, container metering, elevation change, fallen container transfers. The base unit is fully adjustable to handle a wide variety of containers.

VacuumVacuum Conveyors – Designed for handling unstable containers.

  • 18″ Deep Vacuum Plenum
  • Heavy Duty Centrifugal Blowers
  • Blower Silencers and Filters
  • Vacuum Control Dampers
  • Built to Accommodate Many Chain Styles
  • Inline Chain to Chain Transfer
  • Vacuum Curve Conveyors
  • Sanitary Design